The Band Saw vs the Scroll Saw. What is the difference?

There are many different types of cutting saws out in the market today, and it can get difficult to discern the various categories of saws. Two types of saws that are particularly hard to choose between are the band saw and the scroll saw. Many people have a hard time making the “scroll saw vs … Read more

SKIL 3335-07 Scroll Saw Review 2021

When it comes to woodworking the market is full of options, with big promises. This is where finding the right scroll saw to start off your woodwork may not be easy. But, the Skil 3335-07 16 inch Scroll Saw with light is a deal worth your penny. So, our SKIL 3335-07 Scroll Saw Reviews is … Read more

Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw [Review] – Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Here is the thing about the Dremel variable speed scroll saw, it is perfect if you are looking for a compact and affordable saw. The Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw is easy to use, great for newbies and mostly, it will come to you in a pocket pinch. Most woodworkers and home improvement DIY need a dependable … Read more

Jet 727300B 18 Inch Bench Top Scroll Saw, Review

Pros The process to change blades on the 18-inch Scroll Saw by Jet is easy and extremely efficient.  The scroll saw is very compact and moderately weighted making it easy to move around. The cable that comes with the saw is also very long and can easily be conned to sockets that are further away.  … Read more

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