5 Best Scroll Saw Blades of 2022 – Reviews

While curating a simple piece of wood into something magnificent is an art, there are a lot of technical aspects that go behind the scene too. One of them is finding the Best quality scroll saw blades. If you happen to find the right kind of saw blade for your work, trust me, your work cut out in half. But when you don’t, it doesn’t matter how skilled you are, you will have your work cut out for you. So, having a couple of good quality blades can mean the difference between good and exceptional work. So, are you also looking for the top scroll saw blades? Hold on, before you make a hasty decision and pick a blade that’s not trusted, take a look at these top 5 best scrolls saw blades.

OLSON SAW PG49802 Precision Ground Scroll Saw Blade

Olson, a name that reverberates with many professionals across the country. A made in USA brand, Olson provides some of the best spiral scrolls saw blades in the market. Its blades are solid, smooth, and very precise. Some of its top features include a double reverse tooth, unique tooth geometry, and a carbon steel body. Here are it’s pros and cons.


  • Durable body
  • Precision cut 
  • Cost-effective 
  • 18 assorted pieces in one box. 
  • Smooth functioning with various kinds of wood. 


  • Not pinned end blades
  • Low-quality packaging 

Scroll Saw Blades for Thick Wood, 12-Pack

If you work on thick rough wood regularly, the best blade you can find would be this. It has a durable design that allows it to cut through even the toughest of wood. The best qualities of this saw include 7 teeth per inch extra wide gullet, thick blades, lightweight, and a clean finish. The blades are made of premium quality metal. The pros and cons of these high-quality blades for scroll saw are as follows. 


  • Extra thick blades 
  • Lasts long 
  • Cuts thick wood comfortably 
  • Cost-effective 


  • Can jerk the wood a couple of times
  • Bad packaging 

Flying Dutchman New Spiral Five Dozen Scroll Saw Blade Variety Pack

If you are a woodworker, flying Dutchman is a name that will seem familiar to you. A cost-effective solution for all your scroll saw demands, the scroll saw blades from flying Dutchman come with features that range from a varied selection of 2/0, 3/0, 1 3, and 5 to the milled surface and in less design. They also come in a large quantity of 5 dozen so that your work doesn’t need to stop at any time. It’s pros and cons are:


  • A large quantity of 5 dozen 
  • Good packaging 
  • Durable blades
  • Pre size 
  • Works well with thin wood pieces 


  • Snaps more often 
  • Doesn’t cut thick wood. 

Bosch SS5-20 5-Inch X 20-Tpi Pin End Scroll Saw Blade

Low in quantity but great in quality, Bosch is a trusted brand in the tools market for many years. People can buy scroll saw blades online from Bosch without any issues because they trust the brand. The top features of these blades by Bosch include a premium quality step body, thick durable design, pinned and plain, and can be easily used on all sorts of wood and plastic. The pros and cons of the product are: 


  • Durable body
  • Pinned and plain design 
  • Cuts great 
  • Fits perfectly with all sorts of the saw. 


  • Higher in prize
  • Poor packaging 

SKIL 80182 Plain End Scroll Saw Blade Set, 36 Piece

A good way to learn if a product is good or bad is from its reviews and the scroll saw blades reviews by SKIL are more than 540 online and close to 4.5 stars on popular sites like Amazon. The top features of this product include the assorted collection of 36 pieces that it comes in, plain design, up to 28 teeth per blade, and a body made from premium grade steel. Here are its pros and cons


  • Cost-effective
  • Large quantity pack
  • Precision cutting 
  • Fits all branded scroll saws
  • Works delightfully 


  • Not very thick 
  • Cannot cut thick wooden pieces 

How to buy best scroll saw blades ?

Thinking about how to buy the best scroll saw blades? While it might seem a simple task, buying one online can be a tedious task. In such a case, there are a couple of aspects you should certainly consider.

Consider the kind of work you are planning to do. Is it going to be thick wood or simple thin wood that you will be working on. Pick a blade accordingly.

Make sure the blades are compatible with the saw you use. 

All the best!