The scroll saw is one of the most popular and practical woodworking machines. It is basically a type of saw that has a narrow blade and is used for cutting intricate, ornamental patterns in the slabs of wood. When jigsaw and coping saw just won’t suffice, a spiral saw provides great precision and enhanced stability needed to achieve perfectly cut complex designs.

Spiral saws get their name from the purpose that they have always been used for; creating scrollwork. Apart from commercial use, scroll saws have a great demand from the hobby woodworkers. Spiral saws prove to be a good investment.

Usually, one does not need several tools for creating scrollwork if they have a good scroll saw. Modern day scroll saws are very compact and run on electricity. There are several brands of scroll saws flooding the market. How to pick the right scroll saw, you ask? Well, it depends on the purpose, your budget, and expectations from the product.

About Craftsman Scroll Saw Brand

Craftsman 16 in. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Craftsman is one of the top-notch producers of quality craftsman tools since 1927. The Craftsman 16” Variable Speed Scroll Saw is a product very well received. Today we are going to review Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw and find for ourselves what makes it one of their best-selling scroll saws.


  • The multi-directional sawdust blower adds immense utility to the saw and improves the ease of working on the woodwork.
  • The dust collection port facilitates easy cleaning post use.
  • The saw allows the use of both plain-end and pin-end blades to accomplish cuttings of different width and depths.
  • Variable speed makes working on different kinds of wood simpler.


  • Work table tilts up to 45 degrees towards the left side only, making the process of bevel cuts twice as difficult.
  • Hardware is sturdy enough for performing entry-level woodworking tasks, but not strong enough to sustain the wear and tear of heavy duty cutting.

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Main Features

  • The Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw weighs 17.2 kg. The physical dimensions are 13.9” x 23.62” x 11.73” (Heights x Length x Width)
  • The saw is powered by a 60 Hz motor that runs on 120 Volt.
  • The saw allows variable speeds ranging from 400 to 1600 SPM for seamless cutting through both soft woods and hard woods.
  • Large, comfortable work table crafted from cast iron that measures 17-1/8″ * 10-1/4″ and leans up to 45 degrees on the left side, which is very important for bevel cutting that calls for complicated maneuvering.
  • The saw features a parallel-arm blade assembly with fewer components, which trims down the vibration.
  • The saw allows the maximum cutting thickness of 2 inches when the cast iron work table lay flat. The maximum cutting thickness allowed at an angle of 45 degrees is 1 inch.
  • It comes with a blade wrench, a set of four 5-inch pin and blank-end blades.
  • The multi-directional dust blower keeps the work table free from dust so you can focus on the cutting process.
  • The saw has a 1.25-inch dust extraction port if you wish to hook it up to your shop vacuum for cleaning up the sawdust.


The Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw is the perfect saw for the novice hobby woodworkers and intermediate users. This scroll saw definitely outperforms its cheaper substitutes by providing better precision and reduced vibration. Thanks to the cast iron work table that makes its base so heavy and stable.

If your work doesn’t demand both left and right tilt, we see no point in going for the expensive substitutes of the Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw. They often carry a hefty price tag because they have a whole new range of features which would actually be “too much” for your requirements.

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