Delta Scroll Saw Reviews

What is the Delta Scroll Saw?

Whether you are a regular

woodworker or you are just starting to learn the ropes in woodwork, the Delta Scroll Saw is one piece of woodwork equipment the will certainly not let you down. It is quickly becoming a preferred choice for many people who craft items regularly or who are beginners and are interested in learning the trade. So why is the Delta Scroll Saw so popular? The following are some of its most popular features:

Main Features of the Delta Scroll Saw.

– First of all the speed on this scroll saw is electronically variable, and so can be very easily adjusted to suit the various cutting tasks and applications that a user may have. This makes it so much easier to operate and as a result, saves a lot of time for the user in completing the job in its entirety.
– The Delta Scroll Saw comes together with a big table th

at is made of cast iron and is therefore quite durable. In addition to that, the table itself is capable of rotating to up to 45 to both the left and the right directions. This makes it a very flexible saw that provides easy maneuverability for any user working on their project.
– The scroll saw’s blade clamp is tool-free, meaning that it is quite easy to change the blades in a matter of seconds, and in addition to this, its upper arm rises to lock in that raised position when the user is adjusting the position of the blade. All this comes with a storage area on the tool itself that is included for safe storage of the extra blades that come as part of the kit.
– It is a practically noiseless scroll saw that is free of vibration, thanks to its rare parallel link arm design which maintains the blade in a perpendicular position to the surface upon which the user is working. The result is that the scroll saw is quite accurate in its cutting tasks.

How much does the Delta Scroll Saw cost?

The Delta Scroll Saw is available at various retail hardware equipment stores, and it is also available online on websites such as Amazon at a price of about $400.


One of the pros of this scroll saw is that it is an excellent tool for beginners thanks to its easy to use controls and easily accessible levers, and can be used on a wide selection of cutting tasks. For Instance it could very well cut plastic. In addition to this, its flexible rotating table and rising upper arm give it an edge over many other saw brands.


No item is perfect, but there are very few cons that can be given when it comes to is scroll saw. If you are on a tight budget and not really looking to spend so much money on a scroll saw, then the $400 price tag may be a bit too high for you. Another slight disadvantage may come when a user desires to rotate the mounting table at angles greater than 45.


All in all, the pros far outweigh the cons of the Delta Scroll Saw. It is an excellent addition to any woodworking or craft shop that will most likely deliver as is required.