DEWALT DW788 Scroll Saw Reviews 2022 by Experts

When you decide to invest in the acquisition of a scroll saw for craftwork or even intarsia, it is important to consider accuracy or precision as well as durability as part of the criteria for your selection. The Dewalt scroll saw is one such scroll saw that promises to deliver in terms of these criteria, and it is quickly becoming a very popular crafting appliance thanks to many of its desirable qualities that result in the production of quality crafting or intarsia works.

There are many things to be happy about when it comes to this scroll saw such as its ease of use, its wide range of applications and its durability as well as precision in scroll sawing works. These qualities make it a very much preferred scroll saw for crafting, intarsia and even fret works.

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What Features of Dewalt Scroll Saw make it so Popular?

– The first thing that any user, from a beginner to a professional will notice about the Dewalt scroll saw is its incredible ease of operation. This can be credited to features such as the electronic, easy to use variable speed control, as well as a variety of other controls and dials that are easy to use, aside from being at the front of the machine, within arm’s reach.

– The Dewalt scroll saw is built to be a heavy machine, with bearings and materials that are specially selected and combined in order to produce a heavy scroll saw that effectively dampens the effects of vibration. This makes this a practically noiseless and vibration-less scroll saw. This means that for any user, the cutting process is peaceful and quite convenient.

– The work table on the Dewalt scroll saw is designed to be stable while you work on it. This is a very convenient, especially since this strong cast iron table can tilt both to the left and the right, at an angle of 45� on either side. This means that manipulation of the work item or work material is quite easy, thanks to this element of flexibility.

– Other features of this scroll saw that add to its charm include the two unique parallel linking arm technology that adds to the quiet operation and reduced vibration, the tool free blade clamps that make it possible to change blades very easily, and the 90 day money back guarantee offered by the manufacturer.

What is the Value of this Scroll Saw?

The Dewalt scroll saw is a relatively expensive saw. It is usually bought together with the scroll saw stand and work light, of course at an additional cost.


The Dewalt scroll saw is definitely a worthy scroll saw that is quite capable of living up to its described features. It is ideal for a wide range of applications, and while it may come through on the higher side in terms of cost, it is certainly worth it especially considering that it can be used by a wide range of people from seasoned professional craftsmen to amateur crafting enthusiasts.

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