Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw [Review] – Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Here is the thing about the Dremel variable speed scroll saw, it is perfect if you are looking for a compact and affordable saw. The Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw is easy to use, great for newbies and mostly, it will come to you in a pocket pinch.

Most woodworkers and home improvement DIY need a dependable saw that goes the long way. How do we know that? I and my team have put the Dremel MS20-01 to the task for 18 straight hours.

Many people look it over with the price tag, but, we have put it to the test to find out that the Dremel MS20-01 is quiet, dependable and a power tool of a saw for home workers.

Dremel Scroll Saw Reviews – The Pros and the Cons


  • Get a Variable Speed Control. It will adapt to your material thickness.
  • You get Portability and Compact. Will easily fit in your work bag too.
  • Conveniently view your cut through the hold down the clear shoe.
  • The detachable coping function is very portable and safe and easy to use.
  • You get 4 Dremel scroll saw blades to cut through a various number of materials.
  • Easy clamp system to be attached to your workbench.


  • Not suitable for cutting material of more than 3/4-inch thickness.
  • Plastic construction.

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So, what else we found it? Here is all the scoop!

Product – Description

Dremel comes from an American manufacturer of amazing power tools. Mostly, all their products are ideal for woodworking and metal works. One of the best features of theirs is the fact that they make affordable power tools, in turn making it a household favorite for many woodworkers around America.

The Dremel Compact Moto-Saw Kit stands out from other power saws is that even for the pocket pinch, it bags a lot ofadditional features. With different blades included in the kit, you can cut through a wide range of materials. Wood, Plastic, metal is no longer a concern with this power saw.

Also, it is a wholesome tool for newbies who do home improvement tasks around the house too.

Here are the main highlights of the Dremel MS20-01

  • Comes with a detachable coping function which enables handheld uses well
  • Different speed controls to choose from
  • Clamp base that attaches to tables, benches and all plain surfaces
  • Comes with a quick change auto-tension system making it easy to change blades and accessories
  • Includes a dust port adaptor for a clean workplace
  • MS50 Side Cutting Blade
  • MS51 Wood & Plastic Blade
  • MS52 Fine Wood Blade
  • MS53 Metal Blade

With all these features, it is perfect for an entry-level woodworker.

Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable Speed Compact Scroll Saw Kit – In the Work Shop

When it comes to the workshop here is what we found about the Variable Speed Scroll Saw by Dremel;

In Terms of Capacity

The Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw is perfect for materials ½ inch thick or less. Basically, ideal for plywoods, plastics, carpets, metals, and many low-density materials. But, if you are looking to cut through thicker materials, maybe this saw may not be the right one for you.

But, here is the thing, put on the right Dremel moto saw blades and you could get through Plexiglas too.

What to Expect in terms of Accuracy

The best part is that this model will automatically tension the Dremel scroll saw blades for you. A rightly tensioned blade will deliver you accurate and far cleaner cuts. It is easy to use so newbies will find the comfort they need with this saw.

The reciprocating Dremel moto saw blades will make your small forward and backward motions that will cut through your materials effectively. This also means you feel have lesser vibrations. Giving you in turn accuracy while scrolling.

Then comes to the variable speed features. The speed control is extremely easy and useful. Making it easy to cut through thicker materials. The performance you get is a good speed between 1500-2500 SPM. This is actually variable higher than in normal settings. But, if you are cutting through thicker wood go for a slower speed, it will get you the desired results.

Durability Inspection

The main building is manufactured from plastic. Making it lightweight for you and it is only 4.7lbs. And, you can carry it anywhere you want. The table top comes with a think aluminum making it resistant to daily usage of wear and tears and also through your scroll friction.

Take care of this model and see it last you a good long time.

Should You Buy the Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw?


But, only if you are looking for small use out of it. Not ideal for large projects and professional bulk work. But, for small home improvements and if you are a beginner trying to get practice, then this is a perfect choice for you.

But, given the price it comes at, we expect far worse. Dremel variable speed scroll saw is perfect for anybody who is not willing to spend too much but still gets work done. It will last you a long time, if you take care of it.

So, a definite 4.5 stars form us!

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