Excalibur EX-16 16″ Tilting Head Scroll Saw Reviews 2022 by Experts

It is one of the most versatile scroll saws out on the market today. The Excalibur scroll saw can be used for a wide number of cutting applications such as woodworking and/or crafting, and it is quite compatible with a wide range of users, from professionals to beginners.

What are its Main Features?

One of the features that make this scroll saw very popular is the design of the head which is able to tilt to either the left or right side at an angle of 45. This is of course very convenient for users who would want to perform angular cutting, but in addition to this, is the fact that even at this tilting angle, the scroll saw is completely stable, thanks to the firmly built upper and lower arms. This therefore means that, since there is no deflection, the cuts are more precise and the user has that much more control over the item being cut. While it is already stable on its own, you can achieve even more stability by including the Excalibur scroll saw stand in your setup. It is sometimes sold separately or included in the entire package.

Another great feature of the Excalibur scroll saw is the fact that you need no tools to change between blades. The blade cramps are finger operable, and you can change between blades in just about one minute.

The Excalibur scroll saw truly is a well-designed and organized scroll saw. First of all, the different controls for either speed or tension are well within easy access and are quite easy to operate. The scroll saw also has a storage compartment that is located at the base to ensure easy storage of extra blades.

Another remarkable feature of this scroll saw is its ability to work for long hours thanks to its very strong motor. This makes it very resilient and consistent scroll saw that is convenient for anyone working long hours.

One of the best-selling qualities of the Excalibur scroll saw that make it so popular is the versatility of the scroll saw in general. It can be used by a beginner as well as a professional. It is also available in different saw inches, 16 inches, 21 inches and the 30 inch scroll saw. A side from its stability, it also has a well places dust blower to ensure that the work surface is always clean and to give you a better view of the precise cuts it makes.

The only thing that could be a disadvantage is the scroll saw’s high price. It leans a bit to towards the higher side in cost, which could be a bit discouraging to someone on a tight or lower budget.

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All in all, the Excalibur is a good addition to any workshop or workstation. Its, stability and easy operation give it an edge over the competition. While it may be a bit expensive, it is well worth the extra cash, because it can guarantee you value for your money.