Flying Dutchman Scroll Saw Blades Honest Reviews 2022

What we like

  • When working on your project you can agree with me that most scroll saws just cut when you do a down-stroke which causes tear-out on the backside of one`s project but with the reverse tooth blades of these Dutchman blades cut smoothly on your material even on the up stroke as well thus both sides will be cut effectively and thus giving a smoother cut.
  • They are long lasting and can be used for a long periods
  • They come in various styles of the cutting blades
  • After cutting using the Flying Dutchman one will only put a little effort when sanding.

What we don’t like

  • They are very sharp thus they can be dangerous if not handled with outmost care.

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These blades are cutting blades that are uniquely designed and they come with different styles allowing you to be able to cut any type of shape of your interest. That is one dozen has different sizes. These blades, they last longer and are effective in use for they leave you with very little work i.e. sanding to do. They are manufactured with very high quality steel, making them resistance to rusting and they are also very sharp so they should be handled with care.

Features of the Flying Dutchman Blades

There are available different dozen that you can choose from. For example there are five dozen of the blades as well as 6 dozen of the blades available.

The dozen comes with blades of different sizes that you can use when performing any kind of a cut on your project. E.g. the FD-sr #1 Flying-Dutchman Blades has a total of 72 blades thus making it very useful in cutting many designs easily.

Types of blade tooth available include the standard blade, the skip tooth blade, the double tooth blade and the reverse tooth blade. The reverse tooth blades usually cut both when performing both the down-stroke and up stroke giving a smooth cut that will require only a little effort during sanding. Splinter free finish. The blades are pin-less and they have a similar size of 5 inches.

Value of the Blade

This product is available at a cost under 25$. This is very cheap considering what the blade can do for you, also them being made of steel and being long lasting. The blades too have a high resistance to rusting thus you can use them for so long so considering that, then at that price they are very cheap. Also they come in a packet that entails different designs of blades thus satisfying all your needs while using them.


Thus this Dutchman scroll saw blade is the best saw that one can use. It gives you total control on the saw activity during scroll cuts as well as a smooth finish cut and the outcome of your project is really of high quality. The Flying Dutchman blades are sold in dozen with 6 different sizes 12 blades each at a very low cost thus with these saw blades you can’t go wrong.

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  1. There are thousands of reviews I studied when I went to buy flying dutchman scroll saw blades online. All of them was positive responses, and hence I decided to buy the product. It is smart, sleek, easy-to-use, and offers many more amazing services.

  2. These reverse tooth blades are fantastic to use. The flying dutchman scroll saw blades quality eliminates all the man power, and functions properly.

  3. There are different sizes of blades that you can adjust in the scroll saw. The scroll saw blades by flying dutchman brand are lovely to use, and highly affordable to buy.

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