Grizzly G0536 Scroll Saw Reviewed by Experts – 2021

What we like

  • The price.
  • The weight – Entire assembly is solid cast iron. Nice suppose.
  • The clear plastic guard is actually designed excellently and moves up, down, out of the way, fairly easily.
  • But, you will find a lot of parallaxesso I removed itto have a clear view of what I was doing.
  • The air nozzle is adequate, but the vibrations cause noise.
  • The table is long and supports wood nicely behind the blade.

What we don’t like

  • Lots of vibration.
  • The vibration may cause arm fatigue.
  • Unsuitable for fine scrollwork
  • Hard time locking down the right side of the base
  • Blade changes – They claim you don’t need any tools to change blades – But, You have to unscrew a metal plate on the side of the motor housing to change blades.

When it comes to affordable power tools and scroll saws the Grizzly G0536 Variable Speed Scroll Saw has managed to make a place for itself in the over-exhausted market. One of the main reasons is the various features you get at such an affordable price band. But, we will be honest here, this is not the best scroll saw by Grizzly.

But, again for the price, this would be a good deal if you won’t be changing blades ever. We will get to the blade story in a bit. All in all, it comes with some handy features and some regular issues. Probably that is why people go for scroll saws above the $200 bandwidth.

Regardless of the Grizzly G0536 customer reviews that speak of the blade changing issues, this is a perfect scroll saw for newbies who want to get used to scrolling saw stability and vibration. A practice pad for many woodworkers, you can try your luck at it.

Grizzly G0536 Variable Speed Scroll Saw Detailed Review

So, as we are almost done with this Grizzly 16 inch scroll saw reviews, here are the things and features that are worth your checklist or not.

The blade changes are necessary, and you have done the above because it will be the only way you will be able to see the lower arm holding the blade. So, you have to get your fingers working there to guide the blade. In turn, it exposes the lower arm, and when uncovered and turned on, it is very dangerous.

So, removing three screws to remove the plate, change the blade too and to reassemble it, will take you around 6 minutes. To do it carefully that is.

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Grizzly 16 inch Scroll Saw Reviews

Made to last you a long time and give you a good testing pad in your early years as a woodworker, you can depend on the 16-inch scroll saw by Grizzly to get through your general home improvement projects.

But if you have an inch thick Oakwood, maybe going for a better saw would get the job done faster. It would be a great option for you if you want to test your carpentry skills as a newbie and learn how to work a power tool for woodworking to begin with.

The Design

When it comes to design, you can rest assured the teal color compliments the cast iron coating. The 16-inch variable speed features are also coupled with a cast iron table. You get a good tilt of 0 to 45 degrees.

You also get to choose a speed between 540 to 1885 SPM. But, again if you will be using this scroll saw on thick materials maybe you wouldn’t get the desired results.

One thing that goes for it too, if the sleek design that is built to look good on your tool arsenal cave shed. And, will help you get through general home improvements here and there.

In Terms of Capacity

The motor will do you good for think materials. You get a 1/5 HP, 110V which sounds fancy but don’t expect to get the extensive cutting done. A single phase gives you 1.4amp, 60Hz meaning it will be pretty good for plastic materials.

The maximum cutting height says 2-1/8″ @ 90° but be ready to feel a lot of vibrations if you get that far.

This is all put together, is not too shabby for the price you are getting it at.

Grizzly G0536 Variable Speed Scroll Saw – Features

When it comes to the featured, for the price it comes at it is probably worth it for small tasks.

Grizzly G0536 Variable Speed Scroll Saw Specifications

Grizzly Industrial G0536-16' Variable-Speed Scroll Saw
  • This 16-inch scroll saw by Grizzly comes with a cast iron table that tilts from 0-Degree to 45-Degree.
  • Variable speed from 540 to 1885 SPM and built-in air nozzle to clear sawdust.
  • Accepts 5″ pin type blades and requires no tools for blade changes.


  • Motor: 1/5 HP 110V single-phase 1.4 Amp 60 Hz variable speed
  • Maximum cutting height: 2-1/8″ @ 90-Degree 1″ @ 45-Degree
  • Cast iron base with rubber feet to dampen vibration
  • Cast iron table tilts from 0-Degree to 45-Degree
  • Throat size: 16″ • Takes 5″ pin type blades
  • • Easy to adjust the blade tension knob
  • Built-in air nozzle to clear sawdust
  • Safety switch with key
  • The clear plastic blade guard can be easily adjusted
  • No tools needed to change blade • Approximate shipping weight is 35-Pound

You will find that the Intarsia and segmentation, on the other hand, aren’t so bad. Since you wouldn’t be threading the blade through the workpiece all the time. You can leave it tensioned there.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a scroll saw that get through all kinds of materials, then this may not be the one for you.

However, it is a great option if you will be doing simple work with it and nothing grad. For the price, it’s great. It will last you a very long time if you take care of it. And, you can get through minimal work with it, and an ideal power tool to learn for newbies.

The Grizzly 16 inch scroll saw is set for people who want features in a pocket pinch.

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