Hegner Scroll Saw Reviews 2022– Checkout Price, Pros and Cons

When it comes to comparisons and considerations about which scroll saws to choose for our own use, the Hegner scroll saw always strikes as one of the best scroll saws in the market today.

It has been regarded as one of the strongest and most durable scroll saws in the world, and it is thanks to quite a few attractive features that make it so popular among crafters and woodworkers alike.

The whole idea behind getting a scroll saw is to speed up your precision work on wood. The convenience and the utility are also what makes scroll saws one of the most preferred kinds of saws for experienced and novice woodworkers.

And, the Hegner has surpassed its consumer experience and expectations in terms of its features. We were surprised as to how justified the performance was when compared to the price.


  1. Well Made with strong materials
  2. Durability ensured
  3. Strong Blades
  4. You don’t have to lift while cutting
  5. Precise sawing
  6. Quiet
  7. Spacious table
  8. Quick-lock for proper tensioning.


  1. Not cheap
  2. Best for experienced woodworkers

What Makes the Hegner Scroll Saw so Popular ?

You might wonder as to why do woodworkers prefer the Hegner even if the price is not cheap nor budget.

The answer is simple, the quality and its durability exceed any other counterparts available in the market. We tried our very best to find major faults with the Hegner Scroll Saw but failed miserably.

So, we will just go ahead and review the features because it is unlikely that you would be getting such a state of the scroll saw in the market today.

The first feature of this scroll saw is its electronic motor with variable speeds. It can alternate between speeds of 400 and 1700 revolutions per minute in a matter of seconds, and its sealed induction design means that no maintenance will ever be needed in the lifetime of this scroll saw motor.

A seasoned craftsman knows all too well how convenient it is to be able to adjust the cutting speed while working to produce quality work.

Its Patented Hegner Quick lock system of tensioning is yet another feature that makes this scroll saw preferable compared to other saws. This system allows you to change blades quickly and very easily.

These two tension rods are conveniently located on the upper arm for easy access and the rear tension rod can be adjusted even while you are in the middle of sawing.

The Hegner scroll saw is very popular for being precise during cutting, thanks to its slotted saw table that is capable of tilting in both the left and the right direction.

In addition to this, the Hegner Sawdust System of Management is available on the table to either blow the dust away from the cutting line or collect it into a containing device for later disposal, giving you a clear view of the work in progress.

Thanks to its strong parts that are made of a combination of cast iron on the base and lighter alloy materials for the upper arm, the Hegner scroll saw can create sound and vibration dampening effects with very little weight of reciprocation. This is what makes it so quiet.

How much does the Hegner Scroll Saw Cost?

There are several Hegner scrolls saw models in the market, and they range in price from $700 to as much as $1700. While this may be a bit pricy, the manufacturers do offer a 7-year warranty on some models such as the Hegner 18-inch scroll saw.

Good things never come cheap but if you are a serious woodworker, you will know exactly why people invest in this power tool. With the hefty price, it outlives almost all power tools built for a home arsenal.


When all is said and done, even with its hefty price tag, the Hegner scroll saw is undeniably built for the long haul, from its parts and even to the manufacturer’s commitment to you through the 7-year warranty. It will live up to its name and deliver according to its worth.

So, if you can afford it, then choosing the Hegner will reshape how you get your precise cuts. It is also very portable ensuring you can take to your work station. The price is worth every bit of performance you get from this high-end scroll saw.

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