HF Tools 16 Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw | Reviewed

What we like

  • 4 Amp motor generates enough power
  • Provides accurate cutting experience
  • Easy-to-use functions with user-friendly interface
  • Variable speed with easy management
  • Cast iron base for less vibrations
  • Features an extra-large table
  • Compatible to work with all types of wooden materials
  • Throat depth of 16 inches allows you to work with a large number of materials
  • 2 Inch thickness of the material
  • Built-in air pump to clear off dust and debris
  • Affordable Pricing for everyone

What we don’t like

  • Doesn’t work well with hardwoods
  • Requires additional pressure while cutting
  • Blade is made from poor quality

In today’s technology era, the manufacturers of power tools have adopted the latest technologies for manufacturing high demanded power tools. If you are into woodworking or a professional DIYer, then you must be equipped with all the essential power tools for your projects.

A reliable Scroll Saw is highly useful to cut intricate curves on a variety of wood materials. HF Tools(Harbor Freight) new 16 Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw is one of the best-selling and top-rated Scroll Saws on the market. If you are looking for a new Scroll Saw for your future projects, then you must check out the review of 16in Variable Speed Scroll Saw by HF Tools.

Before we conclude the review of this Harbor Freight Scroll Saw machine, let’s check out the lists of its pros and cons.

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HF Tools 16Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw : Review

The new Harbor Freight 16inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw is an easy-to-use scroll saw machine available on the market. It is the most affordable Scroll Saw on the market for a number of reasons. If you are low in budget and still want to purchase a new generation scroll saw for your woodworking projects and different tasks of DIYs, then HF Tools’ high-speed Scroll Saw is the perfect option for you.

Many professional woodworkers and experts do recommend the new buyers to go with this product as it balances between performance, price, durability and versatility. It is an ideal scroll saw even for the beginners as it comes with a decent user-interface allowing everyone to use machine like a pro!

If you are eager to know more about this machine’s functionality and how good this machine is in real life, then here we have provided all the details of this power tool. Let’s get on to the details now!

1. Technical Feature

This Scroll Saw uses a 0.4 Amp of power which makes it an ideal machine to work with almost all types of wooden materials. It can be used on thin metal sheets as well. What makes this Harbor Freight Scroll Saw unique from other ones is it comes with a variable speed option. User can change and adjust the speed of the blade as per the material type. It is compatible with a wide range of materials so you don’t need to purchase new machines for different materials.

2. Design

It’s an advanced power tool designed for the new generation users and for that reason, it is made from high-grade cast iron material. It’s a sturdy and durable product which is designed to last for months and years. You will never have any issues with its build quality.

3. Capacity

This Scroll Saw comes with a 2-Inch depth-of-cut. This makes it works with any type of materials that you use in daily life. If we talk about the commercially used materials, they come with 1-¾ thickness. This is the reason why it is the best scroll saw for the DIYers as they can work on different projects with this single tool for the desired cut.

On top of that, there are users who are looking for accurate cuts on their materials. Well, the good thing is, this machine can cut accurately as per your requirements. You will notice professional-grade results out of this machine every time you use it.

It comes with variant stroke speed of 400-1600 strokes per minute. Additionally, you can adjust the stroke speed as per the material type you are using. Its speed variation feature makes it perform really well in real life.

4. Accuracy

Scroll Saws are designed to put accurate cuts on wooden materials. This Scroll Saw from HF Tools offers high-level accuracy and puts the desired cuts as per your needs. It comes with a flat base which reduces vibrations while working with the machine. You won’t be destructed and will focus on the cutting process.

Being a new generation power tool machine, this Scroll Saw is designed to live up to your expectations. Let’s check out the different parameters to help users given required accuracy on the cutting requirements.

5. Large Table:

The unique design of this machine features an extra-large table cutting table of 10 in. x 16 in. Table. It also comes with 45 degrees tilting, you can tilt the base of this machine to achieve the desired cuts on the selected material. It is a very useful feature and is only available to limited scroll saws.

6. Predrilled Bench Holes:

Predrilled Bench Holes makes it easier for the users to install this machine on the table easily. It doesn’t require any technician or expert for the installation, just take out the machine and put the right screws in the predrilled bench holes to set it up quickly.

7. Thin Blade:

The Blade of the Scroll Saw machine should be thin enough to achieve accurate cuts while working with small pieces of woods. Clients pay for the quality of work and when you use thin blade, you will get professional grade results at the end. This Scroll Saw machine uses a thin blade of 5inch size.

8. Cut Action:

Cut Action is yet another factor to consider while purchasing a new Scroll Saw machine from the market. This machine comes with an easy-to-use handle which makes its movement super easy. There are no any complex features and functions available on this tool, the machine is easy-to-use and doesn’t come with any type of unwanted features. All the required features and functions are available on this tool.

9. Durability

This Scroll Saw is made from high-grade cast iron materials which ensures great durability of the body. It uses carbide blade which is extra sharp and offers professional results to your cutting requirements. HF Tools is a trusted brand and they provide quality products with high-grade materials only.

10.User Friendly

The Scroll Saw machines are compact and come with portable design. What makes this Power Scroll Saw machine different from other brands is it comes with a decent user interface. It is there for everyone, even a non-professional can also use this machine with its simple functionality.

  • It weighs around 23 lbs. A lightweight design lets you transport and store it anywhere you want.
  • It features an easy to move handle which makes precise cutting on a variety of wooden materials.
  • Large table attachment extends your working functionality on different materials.
  • Variable speed adjustment feature lets you adjust the speed of the blade as per your requirement. You don’t need to work on the same speed for different projects. Just adjust the speed which can matches up with your project easily.
  • Cast-iron base is there to reduce the vibration while cutting. It doesn’t make unnecessary sound while offering powerful performance.
  • Blade changing process is also very easy and it doesn’t require any type of tools to change the blade.
  • It’s an electric scroll saw machine which runs through electric power. It comes with a power cord which needs to be inserted in the power plug to start the machine.


Unlike other expensive brands, the HF Tools’ Speed Scroll Saw Machine is designed for all types of users. It’s an advanced speed scroll saw which offers all types of features and functions. It is designed for all types of professionals and DIYers who work on small and big projects. It’s an affordable Scroll Saw Machine and you can purchase it from Amazon now!

We have explored the web-world for hours and collected reviews and feedback from the real users of this product. We have personally tested this machine in our workshop and compiled the list of its pros and cons for your better knowledge.

That’s all this machine has got to offer to the new generation consumers. It comes with a rich set of features and is suitable for all types of projects and professionals who are working in different industries.

The machine is very stable, free from noise and doesn’t come with a complex user interface. It’s portable enough to carry it anywhere you go and that’s what make it one of the best Scroll Saw Machines of the current market.

Who Should Buy This Scroll Saw?

As mentioned in the above part, this Scroll Saw machine is designed for every professional.

If you are a DIY enthusiast, then you would definitely like this machine as it comes under a budget price tag and offer all the features that you may need in an ideal scroll saw machine.

Compared to other expensive models on the market, it is the most reliable Scroll Saw machine available for you. Go ahead and get it now!

Following link will help you to know more about this Power Tool, from the same page, you can order this tool for your future projects.

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