Jet 727300B 18 Inch Bench Top Scroll Saw, Review


  1. The process to change blades on the 18-inch Scroll Saw by Jet is easy and extremely efficient. 
  2. The scroll saw is very compact and moderately weighted making it easy to move around.
  3. The cable that comes with the saw is also very long and can easily be conned to sockets that are further away. 
  4. The body of the scroll saw is made out of steel which is an excellent repellent of bugs, termites, or any other insecticide that can harm the saw. 
  5. The manual is easy to follow and you can easily set up your scroll saw without the help of a third party. 
  6. The customer service is excellent and must be pointed out. 
  7. 5 years warranty which is good for a product like this that goes through a lot of wear and tear. 


  1. A little heavy on the pocket compared to other cheaper scroll saws available.
  2. The saw can make a lot of vibration if you tend to use it at its maximum output. 
  3. A lot of sounds are also produced. Make sure you wear proper protective equipment.
  4. The saw does not have batteries. You need a working power socket to connect the saw and work with it. 
  5. Even though the blade changing process is easy it is also delicate. You need to really focus or you will break the plastic holder that sits in between. 

I like to call myself a wood craftsman. I worked for more than 20 years building a wide variety of wooden ornaments and items ranging from furniture to special memorabilia and more. But as I crossed my 50 age mark my family suggested I retire and I did exactly the same. But, without being able to work, I felt there was something missing. So, I planned to take up small local projects working from home. Projects with longer deadlines and to my surprise, given my reputation, I was able to grab a couple of customers. However, there was one small issue. The saw I had was probably 10 years old and although my hands were fixed on it, the saw wasn’t the best of options considering today’s time. With new and enhanced products coming into the market, I was curious about trying my hand on any of the new saws out there. It was then my son, who is studying to become an architect, recommended the jet 18 inch scroll saw. I went out to a hardware store to check it out and my first impressions were wow! This thing is really good. It looked fantastic, it’s mechanics where pretty straight forward and man did it, cut precisely. 

So, I planned on buying the Jet 18″ Bench Top Scroll Saw, 727300B from the store. But, my tech-savvy son proposed that I checked out the product online on and so I did. Boy, was I able to grab an exciting discount? It was around 3 to 4 days that I had to wait for the product to deliver at my door but it was all worth it when I unwrapped it and started my first woodwork. It’s been 3 years now since I started using this magnificent saw and it has been wonderful. For people who are in a dilemma about which scroll saw to go for and wondering if the Jet 18″ Bench Top Scroll Saw, 727300B is the right pick for them? I present a comprehensive jet 18 inch scroll saw review. From its top features to major pros and some disappointing cons, I will lay it all out for you so that you are confident the next time you want to buy a scroll saw, more specifically the jet 18 inch scroll saw. But before I begin with my review I would like to talk a little about the brand itself first. A big part of decision making when it comes to investing in such heavy and long-lasting artillery is the brand and its history. 

About Jet Scroll Saws

A company with more than 50 years of experience in ideating, manufacturing, and distribution of a wide variety of Wood Working, Metal Working, and Material Handling products, Jet tools is an American made company with its headquarters in La Vergne, Tennessee. The company has pioneered some of the latest and most recognized woodworking and metalworking tools out there on the market. From bandsaws, drill pressures, grinders, and latches to scroll saws, the company offers a wide variety of products to woodworkers. In other words, if you are someone in the metalworking or woodworking line, you have got to know about Jet Tools. 

Additionally, Jet has an excellent reputation when it comes to customer service and long-lasting products. Each of its items has years of shelf life which is always an added advantage. Many recognized companies use Jet Tools as their go-to brand for wood and metalwork. The brand has also got a number of dealerships across the country making it easier for people like you and me who at some point are in a dilemma whether they should go for the product or not to check it out in the store.

So, now that we have a fair idea about the kind of brand we are dealing with, let’s go on and do our jet scroll saw reviews.

Jet 727300B  Scroll Saw Features

Here is a detailed list of features and Jet 727300B 18 inch scroll saw review. The features include a description of the parts and the functioning of the Jet Scroll Saw. You can also find most of these features on the documents that come with the saw.

  • 2 pounds weight – The product is moderately heavy but not so much that you would not be able to lift it. The company has tried to keep the weight as low as possible while keeping the major features intact.
  • 8 x 14.6 x 21.25 inches in dimension: The product is overall very compact. There is not a single room that you will find unused. Every little area of the saw has something going on.
  • Made of Steel: With products like scroll saws it is important that its made of hard materials that are durable. Hence, the company has minimized the use of plastic and used steel everywhere possible. Steel also provides a long shelf life for the saw and can withstand any kind of pressure be it work or environmental.
  • Powered by Electricity: Yeah, it is powered by electricity. Believe it or not, I have worked with manual saws that did not use electricity for a long time. So, this point has to go in. Using 120 volts of electricity, the across cuts deep and very much precisely.
  • No batteries: in my jet scroll saw reviews it is important that I mention that the saw does not use batteries. To a lot of people this would go as a negative but believe me. If you are planning to use it in a place like your home garage as I do, you don’t need batteries. Also, there are a number of dangers that battery-powered rollers bring in.
  • 5-year warranty: use it all you want and test it all you can, you are secured for at least 5 years with your scroll saw by Jet Tools.
  • Customer service: this is an additional feature but worth mentioning. I think Jet Tools has one of the best customer services there is. They are on all social media platforms, their telephonic customer service agents are very attentive and responsive. Email communication also works swiftly. All in all, if you face any issue with your scroll saw, you can get it fixed instantly with the help of Jet Tool customer service.


So, there it is. A Jet 727300B 18 inch scroll saw review with all the necessary details you want. I hope this review helped you make a more sound decision. Remember while making your final decision always go to a nearby store where the product is available and check it out for yourself. The smooth functioning of products like this scroll saw also relies heavily on how you are able to work with it. Check if it’s the right weight for you if it has the right mechanics for you and so on. If the saw doesn’t comply with how you work, no matter how good it is, it will never be able to produce the line of supreme quality you are looking for.

So, before buying, always have a test run. You must also make sure that you have proper setup as these machines are heavy and should not be used by amateurs. Keep the warranty papers that come with the product safely and read the instructions properly before starting any kind of work. If you are unable to set up the scroll saw, you can contact the customer service and they can provide you the necessary assistance. Now, go on get your first Jet Tool’s 18-inch scroll saw and start enjoying crafting. For better deals and easy delivery you can always visit