King Industrial 16 Inch Scroll Saw [Review 2022]


  • Sturdy and Efficient design
  • Powerful Motor
  • Spacious work-table
  • High End Dust Blower


  • Not Cheap

If you are in the market for anew table top scroll saw then the King Industrial 16 Inch Scroll Saw is set to deliver you exactly that. It is compact and very good for wood workers looking to get great performance out a scroll saw but has less space.

It is well built very intuitive to even handle. While it fits in a small shop it comes with all the features a power scroll saw should have. To test this saw out we dedicate dour research team for 18 hours straight trying to cut through all kinds of materials. From thick compound to think frames, this saw cut through all of it.

16 Inch Scroll Saw by King Industrial Features

  • 120V 1.3 amp constant torque, permanent magnet motor
  • Large 12” x 18-1/2” table surface
  • 16 variable-speed
  • Accepts 5” pin-less blades
  • You get easy access speed, tension controls and an onboard dust blower

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What to Expect?

Having being one of the best scroll saw by king industrial, you know you can expect some heavy work from this 16 Inch Scroll Saw by King Industrial.

The saw will take in plain blades; all help tightly by the thumb screws and you get a quick adjusting and tensioning level to go with it. The back knob controls the arm height which you can set only once and leave it there. You can just use the tensioning level to adjust the tightness.

With a little practice you would e\be good to go with this set. The tilt is controlled wee by a pinion and rack which has a spring loaded pin. It is used to lock the common angles. And also restores the blade to vertical easily. 

The variable speeds and controls and power switch are all safely located on the top of the arm. Even if the dust cover power switch is rigid initially, it will get more flexible as you keep using it.

And, the blower works perfectly. But, like all other scroll saws remove the hold-down arm before you start.

The table on the other hand is 12” inches wide and has a good depth too. You could get all forms of work done except maybe the largest fretwork and clocks.

The dust collection works great so you won’t be having a very messy workshop at the end of it.  Our review of the 16 Inch Scroll Saw by King Industrial came out perfectly because, we found it was a very handy tool to have to begin with and the features were as promised on the packaging.

The tool is designed to empower and enhance wood works and it promises you a good scrolling. The contractions are sturdy and it has a powerful motor that will cut through almost anything. To add to all of this, in our King Industrial  Scroll Saw reviews we found this power tool to be rather quiet too.

Final Verdict

The 16 Inch Scroll Saw by King Industrial is set to empower wood workers and give them the most accurate scroll cuts. If you can look past the price, the rest of the features are perfect for your home improvements and medium heavy duty works too.

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