Pegas Scroll Saw Blades Types & Reviews 2022

Pegas is one of the leading names in manufacturing some of the best tools in the world. One of its leading product lines is the scroll saw blades. Pegas delivers a varied collection of scroll blades that range from skipped tooth to spiral blades.

Their flawless blades and top-notch service have slowly made them grow into the market as one of the most preferred brands, especially in the woodworking arena.

Let’s explore the quality of Pegas scroll saw blades in much greater depth and contemplate why this should be your go-to brand. 

About Pegas Scroll Saw Blades

Throwing some light upon the brand itself, Pegas is a sub-brand of Lesley’s Patterns Limited. A company based in the United States with a keen focus on manufacturing scroll saw blades. It is a family run business that has consistently provided exceptional service to its customers. The Pegas metal cutting scroll saw blades reviews have been largely positive and their products have been highly appreciated. 

Pegas spiral scroll saw blades

The spiral saw blade by Pegas is made of high-quality metal making it highly durable. The blades rather than being in a straight line with teeth on the side, it is spiraled. This gives the blades an added advantage of cutting through any wood or plastic surface. Although the amount of dust and sound production with this kind of spiral saw blade is much higher, you can be sure that the job you want it to be done, will be done successfully. Additionally, some of its major pros and cons include. 


  • High-quality durable body
  • Cuts through any thick wood 
  • Easy to use 


  • Loud and lots of dust 
  • Makes the surface rough. 

Pegas skipped tooth blades

Skipped tooth blades by Pegas are one of the most in-demand bales put there. Unlike the standard tooth blades, the skipped tooth blades have every other tooth skipped. That is the distance between two teeth on the blade is larger than the standard version where each tooth is at an equal distance. This gives the added advantage of cutting quickly and smoothly. Since the blades are also made from a highly durable carbon body, the chances of breakage while working with the blades decreases drastically. If you look at the Pegas scroll saw blades chart you will be able to look at the wide variety of skipped blades lengths that Pegas offers. Some of the leading pros and cons of these high quality of Pegas scroll saw blades are as follows


  • Durable body
  • Easy and smooth cutting 
  • Less dust accumulation 
  • Cost-effective 


  • Average packaging 
  • Less number of blades per pack 

Pegas modified geometry blades

A leader in it’s line, every woodworker loves to work with a modified geometry blade by Pegas. Apart from the highly durable body that the blade carries it also has some added features that set it apart. These including, the smooth cuts that it produces and the lack of overheating that allows you to work effortlessly. Here are it’s pros and cons.


  • Cost-effective 
  • Durable body 
  • Lasts longer 
  • Produces fine cuts 


  • Can be used only for a single type of cutting. 

Pegas Super skipped blades 

If you are looking for one blade that can work in varied scenarios, it would be this blade. From minuscule design patterns to the treatment of thick wood pieces, the super skipped blades by Pegas does it all in style. It’s pros and cons include:


  • Multi-facet application 
  • Doesn’t break often 
  • Works well with wood, plastic, and similar materials
  • Minimal overheating 


  • Higher prove point 
  • Average packing 

Pegas Pinned Blades

If you are not keen on getting precision cuts on your wood, the pinned blades by Pegas can prove to be the one for you. The pinned blades are very durable, in fact, one of the most on the list and although they lack in providing precision cuts they do a handsome job when it comes to quick and smooth cuts. Its pros and cons are as follows:


  • Durable body 
  • Best price 
  • Doesn’t break quickly. 
  • Works well with tough wood


  • Not precise. 

Whatever your demand for woodworking may be, there is a blade with Pegas that will get your job done. All the best!