[Review] Porter Cable 18″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw | 2021

What we like 

  • The first plus for this saw is the price. When it comes to scroll saws, woodworkers don’t want the cheapest thing on the market, but there’s no reason to go broke buying a new tool. Under 200$ is a great price point almost every tool man can afford.
  • Another great plus is the slack control. This helps you relieve or increase tension and makes it much easier to remove and replace a blade.
  • The dust blower that curves in from the side keeps visibility high and makes clean up much easier.
  • There’s also very little vibration at on the bevel of the saw making the work easier on the user’s hands.

What we don’t like

There are some cons to this tool.

  • First, the light over the work area could be a bit brighter. It’s there, but the wattage is a bit low.
  • Also, the blade’s motor has a bit of a stutter at lower speeds, but gets smoother as the speed is raised.

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Before you purchase your next piece of hardware, you need to know exactly what it is you’re getting in to and how to fulfill your handyman needs. The Porter Cable Scroll Saw is a great choice, but it’s not for everyone. Here’s a breakdown of the product to help you decide if this is the right saw for you.

What is a Porter Cable Scroll Saw?

This piece of equipment is an automate saw that has a shape similar to a sewing machine with a thin band of an extra-sharp blade in the place of a needle. It sits on top of a four-legged stand and stays in one place as you use it. This tool is specifically for smaller, curved or more intricate cutting on the edge of your material. The blade moves in a scrolling motion at a high speed, helping it bit through wood smoothly and create curves and details as the wood is moved around the blade.

18' Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Stand

Special Features

Besides the stand and the blade, this saw also includes a small storage compartment on one side where you can store extra blades. This can save you the time you might spend hunting around your shop and keeps what you need to work close at hand.

Another great feature is an easy-to-use on and off switch right on top of the saw. This will keep users safe as they can switch the saw off immediately should anything go wrong.

There is also a speed dialer and a tension control switch, both located right on top for extra convenience.


The Porter scroll saw will cost you less than 300$ , a much better price than the $500 DeWalt scroll saw that serves the same function. All purchases are backed with a three year warranty and the company offers full customer support.

Final Words

For the amateur woodworker or professional in the shop, this saw is a great choice. It won’t break the bank and does some solid, controlled cutting for the little bits and pieces you need to make your project shine. In the rare instance of problems with the saw, the customer is protected and supported by the company. The Porter Cable Scroll Saw is a great addition to any workshop or garage.

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  1. I have been reading the porter cable scroll saw reviews since many days, and finally decided to order it. It was as per my expectations. I would say far better than my expectations. The quality of the materials used to manufacture the 18-inch scroll saw is highly useful for all those who works with woods. I would definitely recommend this to my mates who are working in the same domain. Much satisfied with this product.

  2. The porter cable 18 inch scroll saw is highly recommended. The features are fantastic, and it is very much effortless to install it. It does not take much space in your room, and you can easily do your work. The LED work lamp included in it is my favourite part because it is adjustable, and gives a good light into the object. It was easy to change blades. Over all I would give 9/10 to this product, and would surely order the porter cable scroll saw PCB375SS again.

  3. I am so overwhelmed after using the porter cable PCB375ss. It was very easy to install at my workspace, and I got all solutions for the porter cable scroll saw problems that I was facing in my previous saw. There was not a single issue that I came across in this one. The blades are of good quality, the stands are strong enough, and the electric cable is large enough. Also, the product comes with an instruction manual, so if there is any problem you can easily ready it and solve it.

  4. The portable cable 18-inch speed scroll saw is highly commendable. I ordered the model PCB375ss and it was delivered to me in a very good condition. It has made my wood work much easier than before.

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