Scroll Saw Blade Types Guide 2021

When it comes to choosing which type of scroll saw blade to install on a scroll saw, there are a variety of choices. Scroll saw blades come in two major types: pin end and plain end. The plain-end is a type of blade that is completely flat and is pinched in place between the jaws of small clamps on the scroll saw. The pin-end has a tiny cross pin in each end. The main difference between the two types of blades is the cross pin. The plain end blades are five inches long, will fit almost all types of scroll saws and are more widely available.

Are you planning to buy yourself a bunch of scroll saw blades for your next big woodwork? Before you dive into the online spaces and start choosing scroll saw blades, read this article to know the right kind of blade that will surely assist you in bringing the best of your work. 

While working with a scroll saw, one big issue that we all face is the constant breakdown of saw blades, it happens to the best of us. And this issue can be very irritating. One reason why this happens is that you might not be using the right kind of blades. But, don’t worry. We are here to help. Here is a compact list of the best across saw blades for varied woodwork. 

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  1. Pegas Scroll Saw Blades
  2. Flying Dutchman Scroll Saw Blades

There are several types of plain end blades:

Scroll Saw Blade Types

1. Standard Tooth Blades

On standard tooth blades, the teeth have indistinguishable sizes and are equally spread out. Wood blades and metals blades are the two noteworthy sorts. Bigger teeth and bigger spaces between the teeth are found on wood blades. The outline is expected to clear sawdust as one makes cuts. Not so, metal blades have a lot smaller enamel and a lesser number of spaces in between teeth. Some will get these to be a bit raucous.

Standard tooth blades are the ones most common among armature and even regular woodworkers. As the name suggests the stand blades have a common distance between each tooth. They are quick to cut but can be a little noisy when compared to some others. You can go with the Scroll Saw Blades for Thick Wood, 12-Pack if you are looking for standard blades that can cut through thick woods. There are a ton of other brands too that produce standard tooth blades they are one of the most commonly found. 

2. Skip-tooth blades

These blades and standard blades are quite similar. The one thing that distinguishes the two is that with the skip-tooth every other tooth is missing. The gullet, the space between the teeth, is wider and this also helps to keep the blade cool. Most prefer these types of blades. These types of blades are also recommended for newbie scroll sawers.

The skipped tooth blades and standards have a lot in common except for the spacing. Unlike stand blades that have teeth in a common distance between each, skipped tooth blades have teeth at alternate distances. In other words, there is a larger space between two teeth. Skipped tooth. Brands like Bosch and Flying Dutchman are experts at producing skipped tooth blades. If you happen to look at the Scrollsaw blades chart you will also learn the easy at which skipped tooth blades function. This is also the reason why it is much appreciated by amateurs. 

3. Double-tooth scroll blades

The double-tooth blade is similar to the skip-tooth blade but the double-tooth has a bigger gullet between two teeth sets. The double-tooth types can produce a very smooth cut; however they can cut a bit slower.

If your work demands a smooth cutting, the best kind of scroll blades you can go for are the double tooth blades. These blades have a larger space between their teeth and although it might take some time in cutting the wood, they do it quite smoothly. One of the best in the business when it comes to double tooth blades are the OLSON SAW PG49802 Precision Ground Scroll Saw Blade. They have some of the best reviews and their Scroll saw blade sizes are perfect to use with any and every kind of scroll saw. 

4. Reverse Skip-tooth

No, it is not the opposite to skip blades. In fact, they are very similar to skip blades with the only difference of a couple of teeth pointing in the opposite direction. This kind of scroll saw blade sizes are generally very compact but they work well with all sorts of the scroll saw. The best use of such blades is when you work on plywood. Using this, however, is not a mature task and requires a lot of precision. 

The reverse skip-tooth blade is identical to the skip-tooth blade; however the teeth that are found at end of the bottom row point up. When working with plywood and for preventing tear-out splintering at the bottom of the cut, the reverse-skip tooth blade will work very well.

One must remember that when working with a reverse skip-tooth blade one must set the blade in a specific manner. When the saw arm is in its highest position, the blade should be set in the clamps so there are only two to three teeth that are protruding above the table top. If you are not able to do this, you might have to take a little bit off from the bottom of the blade.

5. Crow tooth blades

Working on something other than wood? Worry not, there is a type of blade for that too. Crow tooth blades have crown-shaped blades on either side of the blade making it functional for both sides. They work well with both wood and plastic. 

6. Precision ground blades

Bosch is one of the best brands to go for when it comes to precision ground blades. These blades are extremely sharp and cut extremely precisely. If you are working on a straight surface, their cant is a better blade than precision ground blades. They make less noise and work very smoothly producing sharp and steady cuts. 

7. Spiral scroll saw blades

When it comes to cutting wood deep and sharp the spiral blades prove to be the winner. Instead of straight teeth, these blades are in the form of a spiral. Although they have a very specific kind of application because of their design structure that leaves a rather rough mark on every surface it cuts, it is still a winner among baldes. The best brand you can go for is the Flying Dutchman New Spiral Five Dozen Scroll Saw Blade Variety Pack. Flying Dutchman is a trusted name when it cokes to spiral blades and delivery every time. 

When working with specialty materials, it is important to remember that these require special blades. A tip to remember when cutting is to use strapping tape to mark along where you are going to cut. This will help make the cut smoother and cleaner and will also reduce the chances of the plastic getting hot and fusing back together. This will also work with wood. The tape will help reduce the friction between the blade and the material. You can also try dry lubricants.

A very important thing to keep in mind is not to try rush the cutting. The reason for this is that your finger could slip and make contact with the sharp blade and if you try to push hardwoods and other tough materials too fast, the blade could turn sideways. The will cause a skewed cut or bent blade.

So, what do you think? Which blade do you think you need to buy? Check out the products listed with the types of blades to buy the blade you are looking for in an instance.