[Review] WEN 3921 16-inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw


  • Extra spacious cast-iron base with beveling table
  • Variable Speed Control with a knob
  • Multi-functional blade support
  • Flexible work light
  • Dust Port equipped with Air Pump
  • Convenient power control switch
  • Affordable pricing for everyone.


  • Poor mechanism of blades.

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WEN is known as one of the best power tool manufacturers in the world with a huge range of power tools for every professional. The company has been providing different types of power tools since 1957. The WEN 3921 Scroll Saw is a successor edition to the previous 3920 model. If you are searching for a new Scroll Saw machine for your workshop, then here’s a detailed review of the WEN 3921 for you. 

WEN 3921 Scroll Saw is also known as WEN Two Directional Scroll Saw. The newer edition of the Scroll Saw is packed with dozens of extra-ordinary feature and improved functionality to make your work much simpler. 

If you are confused between the 3921 and 3920 models, then you will notice that the new 3921 model comes with a new tool-less blade change mechanism. Changing of a blade has become a lot easier on the newer edition compared to the previous one. The 3920 model needs a special tool to replace the blade. 

WEN 3921 16-inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Most Internet users search for WEN 3921 Scroll Saw Reviews on different e-Commerce websites and forums sites to get the best of information and feedback about this power tool. Since you are landed here, you don’t have to visit any other website for this scroll saw, as we have prepared a complete detailed review on the WEN 3921 Scroll Saw for you. Let’s get on to the review part. 

WEN 3921 Scroll Saw: Key Specifications 

Now, let’s check out the key specifications of this popular table scroll machine I.e. WEN 3921 Scroll Saw.

  • Variable speed control with 550 – 1650 SPM
  • 16-Inch Throat Size
  • Spacious cast-iron table
  • Dimensions of 26.38” x 13” x 14.75”
  • Weight 26 lbs
  • Two-directional blade
  • Tool-less blade changes
  • Supports both types of blades, pin-end blades and pinless blades
  • On-board storage box
  • Built-in Dust port with Air Pump
  • A flexible LED light on the top
  • Easy controls on the front side
  • Trigger base speed control

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WEN 3921 Scroll Saw – Detailed Review

Build Quality 

WEN 3921 Scroll Saw is made from high-grade metal materials. The base of this Saw is made from Cast Iron material which makes the machine stable. With improved stability, you can work more efficiently on this Scroll Saw and can finish all types of jobs done.

The Iron Base features a 16” Throat Size which offers additional support to your wooden material. The cast-iron base also reduces vibration during the work. This improves the stability and accuracy of cutting. You can get the desired cuts on the Wooden materials using this scroll saw.

The cast-iron base is also known as attached bevel table. You can adjust the angle of cutting up to 45-degree using this bevel. This is good for angled cuts on wooden materials.

Beveling Table 

As mentioned above, this scroll saw features a cast-iron base which is also called a beveling table. This beveling table provides 16-Inch of depth cutting on large workpieces. It provides enough space with adjustable height to get the precise cuts on a variety of materials. 

This beveling table improves the accuracy of cutting and it also improves your overall productivity. You can get big cutting projects done with this beveling table.  

Built-in Speed Variation 

WEN 3921 comes with a variable speed option. IT comes with a speed range of 550- 1650 SPM. Variable speed means you can change the speed of the Scroll Saw as per your requirements. You can simply adjust the speed of the scroll as per the type of material and type of project. 

There comes a time when you don’t want faster speed of the Saw, in this type of situations, you can reduce the speed of the saw and can finish your job done. It features a speed trigger allowing users to easily maintain the speed using an easy-to-use trigger.

The speed variable knob is placed on the front side of the Scroll Saw so that you can easily adjust the speed without moving your position. The power switch is also located on the front side, you can turn off the machine quickly by using the power switch. 

With easy control feature, you can get the maximum job done in less time. When you work with the desired speed, it improves the accuracy of your work. 

Built-in Dust Port and Air Pump

If we talk about the extra features, then this Table Scroll Saw comes with many useful features to enhance the productivity of work. There is a special air pump equipped on this model. It keeps unwanted dust away from the main work base. 

The work platform will be cleared immediately and you can finish your job with 100% accuracy. The Air Pump is connected with the standard dust port. 

There are many Scroll Saws which don’t offer this type of features. They don’t feature dust port or air pump and you have to manually remove unwanted dust from the work table. 

Furthermore, you can also attach an external Vacuum Cleaner with the dust collection port to direction suck up the debris after your job is done. 

Flexible LED light 

On the top, there is a flexible LED light located on the Scroll Saw machine. This lets you work efficiently even if there is low light. You can work in low light and can finish your job done with the use of this flexible LED light. This flexible LED light is adjustable, the user can adjust the light with the flexible handle. 

Multi-positional Blade

The WEN 3921 Scroll Saw features multi-positional blade this makes it a two-directional scroll saw machine. This is the main reason behind why expert recommends this Scroll Saw over other traditional models.

With multi-positional blade option, you can use the cutting blade with the standard position I.e. flat surface or you can even keep it at 90-degrees. This lets you work on different types of wooden applications as you can adjust the position of the blade as per your needs. 

This feature also makes it easier for users to cut through a range of materials at ease. You can finish the most complicated projects by making use of this multi-functional blade feature. It ultimately increases your ability to cut. 

Tool-less Blade Holder

As mentioned above, 3921 is different from the 3920 model just because of the availability of the tool-less blade holder. 

This feature makes this Scroll Saw more convenient compared to the 3920 model. It is also very stable than the previous model. 

Traditional Scroll Saws feature clamps and they require special tools to change the blades. However, this advanced Scroll Saw features tool-less blade holder which doesn’t require any special tools to change the blade. 

You can quickly swap your blades without the need of a special tool or a hex key. This makes this model unique from other standard scroll saws. 

This tool-less blade holder makes this Machine compatible with both types of blades, pin-end blade and pin less blade. You can use either a pin-end blade or a pin less blade as per your needs. What’s interesting here is you don’t need to use any type of tool and can quickly swap away from the blade. 

On-board storage 

Unlike other traditional table scroll saws, this multi-functional scroll saw offers on-board storage option. You can store your tools, blades and other essentials in this storage box along with the main scroll saw. You don’t have to keep the essential tools away from the scroll saw. It is very convenient and you will not lose any of your tools. 

Packed with Accessories

When you buy the WEN 3921 16-Inch Two-Directional scroll saw from the market, you will get a set of useful accessories along with the main machine. You don’t need to buy any tools or blades to use on this scroll saw as everything will be included in the box. 

Foot Clamp 

This machine features a hold-down foot clamp. This clamp secures your project and keeps it in the right position so that you can accomplish your job accurately. Foot Clamp is a very useful feature which is added to this newer edition by the manufacturer. It offers great stability while working with a large workpiece. 

These are all the features that you will get from the latest WEN 3921 Scroll Saw machine. Some of the features are innovative which are not available on any other scroll saws of the same range.

Additionally, the pricing of this sturdy Table Scroll Saw Machine is also very affordable. If you are searching for a budget-friendly scroll saw, then this one is just the best option for you. 

It is sturdy enough to last for years and it is packed with easy-to-use functions. It is an all-in-one multi-purpose scroll saw suitable for all types of professionals working in different industries. You can even purchase it for your workshop if you are a DIY enthusiast. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use this Scroll Saw without the stand?

Of course, this is a table-top type Scroll Saw which lets you use it anywhere you want. It comes with a beveling table made from high-grade cast-iron materials. You can use it anywhere as per your requirements. 

If you search in the market, there are many types of tables and stands available for 16-Inch scroll saws. You can purchase it from the market if you don’t want to use it on the table. 

  1. Does it make unnecessary noise?

Wooden cutting is a hard process and it makes noise. To make the environment free from noise pollution, you better use it in the workshop or a different place than a residential one. 

  1. Can I use different types of blades on this machine?

Yes, it’s a multi-purpose scroll saw machine and you can use it on different types of materials. You can use both types of blades pin-end blades and plain blades on this scroll saw machine. Depending upon your requirements, you can quickly change the blades with tool-less holder. It is way more convenient than the standard scroll saw machines.

  1. How much vibration does this machine create?

If you want to reduce the vibration while working on hardwood materials or big workpiece, you need to cut it slowly. Also, you have to hold down the foot clamp which is there to make less vibration during the cutting process. 

Where to buy?

WEN 3921 Scroll Saw machine is widely available and you can buy it from online retailers as well as from a nearby physical store where power tools are available. We would recommend you to buy this Scroll Saw from Amazon. You will get special discounts and can get all the information about this scroll saw machine from its official listing. 

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